Driving Lessons in English

Driving lessons in English

Driving school LeNTe has a lot of experience with teaching foreign students. Many have succesfully passed the practical driving exam and got their Dutch driving licence (valid everywhere in Europe). We teach students both from inside Europe or from outside.Native English speakers or otherwise.

We can help you for instance with:

  • passing your theory exam.
  • Obtaining English theory books.
  • Preparing you for the practical exam.
  • Dutch rules and paperwork.

Some facts that you might want to know:

Driving lessons are possible from age of 16,5 and older. You can take the licence at age of 17. Until you get 18, you can only drive with your licence with the guidence of an experianced driver (often a parent). When you get 18 years old, then you can drive by your own without any guidence.

The prices are at the Home page. If you have any question, do not hesitate to call ( 06 42 85 94 51 ) or send an email to ( info@rijschoollente.nl ).

We provide ‘refeshing’ lessons for people who already have a licence but just want to refresh their skills, want to learn to drive with manual gear, want to practice driving on the right side (instead of left) of the road, or want to get used to the dutch traffic and rules.

If you speak English to some level (It doesn’t have to be perfect) you are welcome to take lessons.