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Driving school The Hague is happy to help you with your driving license! If you live in the The Hague area and you would like to get your driver's license. Then don't wait any longer, because at Autorijschool Lente you can start lessons right away. What makes our driving school distinctive compared to many other driving schools is that you have no waiting times at Autorijschool Den Haag Lente. This means you can even start classes this week. A big advantage, because the earlier you start with lessons, the sooner you can get your driver's license!


Don't live in the The Hague area? No problem, because Driving School Den Haag Lente is also located in the vicinity of Zoetermeer, The Hague and Delft.

With us you have many different options for lessons. You can buy lessons individually, but you can also opt for a package. At Rijschool Den Haag you can also choose to plan your lessons in the evening or at the weekend, which is especially useful for people with work or a study. But our biggest advantage is that you have no waiting times with us. This allows you to start lessons right away, without any hassle. This allows you to get your driver's license as soon as possible.

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Our driving instructors are ready to help you learn how to drive. The driving instructors of Driving School The Hague take the time to help you practice as best as possible. Ultimately, you will be prepared for any situation while driving and you will get your driver's license in no time. You practice a lot within built-up areas, but of course you also practice with the highway. You drive as much as possible with the same driving instructor and drive a good reliable car. This way you build a relationship of trust and get into the car confidently.

In short, do you want to get your driver's license? Then come and take lessons at Driving School The Hague Spring!

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Are you interested in driving and do you want to start lessons right away to get your driver's license as soon as possible? Please contact us. You can also contact us without obligation for questions about our options. The contact details are shown below. Are you 16 years old? Then you can already start taking driving lessons with the new legislation. This falls under 2ToDrive.

driving school The Hague ensures that you can drive safely