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Driving lesson packages

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Driving lesson packages are a great way to learn how to drive in a flexible and affordable way. Our driving lesson packages are designed to help you learn to drive quickly and easily, and to prepare you for the driving test. Buy a package now and start getting your B driver's license today. Our professional and experienced instructors are ready to help you. Contact us to learn more about our driving lesson packages and to book your driving lessons.

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How many driving lessons do I need?

No one is the same, which is why this question is difficult to answer. According to the CBR the average number of lessons is approximately 43. If you take a free trial lesson, the instructor can advise you on a tailor-made basis!

Will I get the same driving instructor?

After the test driving lesson, we will assign you to your regular instructor. Your driving training is recorded on an instruction card, so you always know where you stand. (In this way we guarantee the quality of your driving training and you will be well and safely prepared for the interim test and the practical exam at the CBR.)

Can I also drive on weekends/evenings?

That is possible! You can discuss this yourself with your instructor.

Can I decide myself when I receive driving lessons?

A student's schedule can vary greatly, we know that.
That's why you can in consultation with your driving instructor decide for yourself when you want to drive. Handy, right?

Do I already have to pass the theory exam?

It's handy but it's necessary secure not!
Depending on the package you choose, an online theory course is also included.